Sunday, 16 June 2013

The real reason Luis Suarez is leaving Liverpool

Luis Suarez is legging it from Stevie Gerrard and Liverpool
Luis Suarez is legging it from Stevie Gerrard and Liverpool
Luis Suarez has once again reiterated his desire to leave Liverpool Football Club. In recent weeks the controversial Uruguayan striker has cited press victimization as the reason behind his decision to quit Anfield.

Suarez is currently serving a lengthy ban for gnawing away at Branislav Ivanovic's arm at the end of last season, and he has said that if Real Madrid or Barceolna come knocking then Liverpool have to listen to their offers.

I have been quietly chuckling away to myself while this little saga has been going on. Not because I'm an Everton fan and can't wait to see the back of him, and it has nothing to do with the fact that Liverpool fans have blindly stuck by Suarez through the racism row and the biting ban and now he is throwing it back in their faces.

No, I'm allowing myself a sly giggle because I know the real truth behind Suarez's decision to quit Liverpool! The blaming of the British media is nothing more than a smokescreen to cover-up a very bad practical joke gone bad, and it all started with some classic David Brent-esque behaviour from one Brendan Rodgers...

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