Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dating & Relationship Advice For Men!

Steven Scaffardi, author of the hilarious dating disaster novel The Drought, offers some cracking dating advice for men trying to woo that special lady. Check out these four videos with some top class dating and relationship advice

First date advice for men! 
First dates can ber very awkward, but not anymore! Just follow this expert advice from yours truly and you will make the ultimate first impression!

Do chat-up lines work? 
You bet your sweet bippy chat-up lines work, you just need to know the right ones to use in order to leave the lady like putty in your wandering little hands...!

A guide to becoming a player! 
There might be a bit of a stigma attached to players like me, but lets get one thing clear - girls absolutely love a man who knows what he's doing. Watch carefully and you learn...

The art of texting the ladies! 
Technology is there to help us men get that sweet candy, so listen up and if you follow these rules, you'll be getting all sorts of dirty texts and pictures within seconds!

Like what you have seen? Want some more grade A advice like this? Then check out The Drought to find out more expert guy advice when it comes to dating and relationships!

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