Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sam Sadler... I salute you, we ALL salute you!

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I like to think I know a thing or two about the ladies, but I have nothing on Sam Sadler! When it comes to expert advice on how to treat a girl on a first date, or what the best chat-up lines are to use, or even how to defend yourself or how to spot a chav, no one, and I mean no one, is more equipped to offer solid man advice than Sam Sadler. Even Danny Wallace's column in Shortlist magazine doesn't come close!

Sam has recently been popping up on the new Comedy Central show Sean Walsh World, but he has been a YouTube sensation for quite some time now. His channel Tame The Tiger has notched up over one million page views! To put that into context, my channel has picked up 3,538 views. Pathetic, I know!

But how can I compete with a man who knows the secrets of 'How To Persuade A Woman Back To Your House'...?

I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am of all the people who got a shout out in this video; even Tuddy, who is 'injured and being a bit of a poof!' You only have to listen to the little nuggets of gold that Sam offers his legions of fans to realise this guy really knows his stuff. For example...

"Blonde girls are more dirty" 
They sure are Sam, they sure are!

"If she is anything more than four years younger than you, don't go there" 
Good solid advice there Sam, especially as you're 17 and chatting up 13-year-olds is frowned upon...
"Be nice to her on the dance floor and touch her bum every now and then because girls love that"
I can't believe I've just been nice all these years without any bum touching!

And make sure you check out The Straddler at 2 mins 51 secs when Sam breaks out a dance move that would melt even the coldest of hearts.

But perhaps the best advice Sam offers in this clip - and maybe any clip he has ever made - is when he states, quite categorically, that after dancing with with the dirty blonde girl you have the option to "Knock off one with your bad boy" in the toilets if the moment takes you.

We've all been there, you know, knocking one off in the cubicle of a nightclub as the toilet attendant outside tells anyone that will listen "No splash, no gash" when in reality all we really needed was Sam's advice, so stick your splash up your arse Mr toilet attendant!

But before you ask, I know what you're thinking. You've knocked one off in the toilet before, gone back outside to greet the dirty blonde, and somehow you still manage to screw it up. That's because you haven't followed the golden rule. Don't worry, I'll let Sam explain...

"After that (knocking one out), I do suggest just talking to her. Just say - hey, did you have fun? And then get her digits"

But that's not all. Now it is time to get her home. Like most men, I have often fallen into the trap of asking if the girl would like to come back to mine after meeting her on a night out, but I've stupidly been going about this all the wrong way. As Sam explains, after getting the girls digits you should leave it there and simply go home. Once at home, you call the girl and explain that you've had a little fall, at which point she will race around to be by your side.

I think I'll let you watch the rest of the video clip to find out what happens next, and make sure you follow Sam on Twitter because the comedy, wisdom, and invaluable insight this man will bring to your life will change it forever! What a legend!

Sam Sadler... I salute you, we ALL salute you!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Royal Baby - John Terry is at it again!

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That man John Terry just doesn't know when to quit! The announcement today that Kate and Wills have named the future King of England and their new baby son George Alexander Louis was global news, and paparazzi and royal photographers were walking over each other to get that perfect first picture. And we all know that wherever their is a celebration and a photo opportunity combined, one thing is for certain...

John Terry will be photobombing all over the place! Here are some of my favourites that have popped up over the last few hours...

John Terry - The Royal Baby Photobomb! John Terry, Photobomb, celebartion, Wills, Kate, Prince William, George Alexander Louis,

John Terry - The Royal Baby Photobomb! John Terry, Photobomb, celebartion, Wills, Kate, Prince William, George Alexander Louis,

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lad Lit Book Reviews: Trust Me by Jeff Abbott

Books For Men Book Reviews! Trust Me by Jeff Abbott
If I could sum up all of Jeff Abbott’s main characters from his catalogue of excellent thrillers in one word it would be unlucky. If I could use two words it would be bloody unlucky!

But if I take that same formula, flip it around and point it at the reader of Jeff Abbott books, then that word would be lucky; because we are bloody lucky that Jeff Abbott continues to share his gift of being able to write edge-of-your-seat stuff time and time again.

Luke Dantry takes centre stage this time as our unlucky hero; caught up in the world of extreme terrorism that will jolt him from his pretty normal life as a 24-year-old university graduate working with his stepfather to conduct research into extremists groups on the Internet. In typical Abbott fashion, the story doesn’t take long to delve straight into the action. The scene is set at the start with the usual suspects of shady characters plotting unforgiving atrocities on an unsuspecting world as a man in a grey suit is the happy recipient of $50m from a wealthy Middle Eastern prince to finance what we become to know as Hellfire. However, what our two bad guys are unaware of is that their little conversation is being listened in to by a British woman called Jane, who is the catalyst for dragging poor Luke into this mess.

Luke’s stepfather – Henry Shawcross; a man who stepped into Luke’s father’s shoes when his real dad was killed by terrorists, and continued to pick up the pieces after his mother died in a car crash – is an expert on predicting how and when terrorist groups will attack. After delivering Henry his latest findings from the online terrorist groups he has infiltrated known as The Night Road, Luke drives Henry to the airport and it is here that his world is about to fall apart.

Upon dropping Henry off, Luke is kidnapped at gunpoint by a desperate man he knows only as Eric. In a haze of fear, panic, and confusion, Luke finds himself an accomplice in the seemingly pointless murder of a homeless man, a bargaining chip for Eric’s own kidnapped girlfriend, and eventually chained to a bed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Now Luke needs to find a way to escape before the people sent to collect him get there.

What follows is an epic journey across America as Luke tries to piece together the puzzles of his own life to make sense of the madness that has engulfed him, and to work out if he can really trust anyone. Sandwiched in the middle of all the chaos in Luke’s life is the backdrop of random acts of violence as the group funding Hellfire set about using their web of extremists to plot attacks across the country.

Abbott has once again put together an ensemble of characters, dialogue, and plots that screech around corners at a 100mph before taking unexpected turns and near crash experiences. My four and five star rating for Abbott’s material might be getting a reputation for being quite repetitive, but every single one of his books has been a winner for me. Some better than others, definitely, and if I’m being really harsh then maybe compared this one to his other books like Panic and Fear, I might knock the odd star off this one, but I’m not being harsh, this is another bloody good read, and that’s that!

Trust me, this book is good!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Update on The Flood - follow-up to the hilarious dating disaster novel The Drought!

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I thought I should post a little update on how things are coming along with my second novel, The Flood. I'd been hoping for a summer release, and although there is still a chance, it could be looking at a September/October publication date instead.

The good news is that I managed to write six new chapters in the last couple of weeks whilst I was away in Majorca, so I am well over halfway there now. It's amazing how much time you have on your hands just sitting around a swimming pool or on the beach doing nowt! I could get quite used to writing in that environment...

I'll make sure to post some further updates in the next few weeks.  

The Flood is coming...