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Top 10 funniest and best moments in Entourage

Top 10 funniest and best moments in Entourage
If you are a guy, there are only three shows you ever need to watch for the rest of your life:

1. Baywatch for obvious reasons
2. The Sopranos for being the best damn TV show ever made
3. And the ultimate guy show... Entourage!

Because if any man could choose the way to live their life, then this is that show!

So here is hoping they finally make Entourage into a film with a look back at 10 of my favourite scenes from the Mark Wahlberg inspired hit HBO show. Enjoy...

Top 10 funniest and best moments in Entourage

10. Ari Gold and Lloyd
Season 3, Episode 14 Dog Day Afternoon
Poor Lloyd was forever at the end of one of Ari's rants but deep down we all know Ari had a soft spot for his assistant as this scene shows when he comes to Lloyd's rescue...

9.Johnny Drama bugs out!
Season 4 Episode 5 The Dream Team
Hanging out in his trailer with Turtle and the cast of his new drama, Drama tries to show-off in front of a group but it backfires spectacularly!

8. Johnny Drama breaks Tom Brady's golf club
Season 6, Episode 5: Fore
Executive producer Mark Wahlberg would turn up from time to time, and none more hilarious than when he plays against Vinny and Drama in a charity golf day.

7. Ari Gold uses the white board to get his message across!
Season 3, Episode 15 Manic Monday
Classic Ari Gold as he applies his 'one-strike' policy to fire one of his members of staff via a white board!

6. Johnny Drama gets some good news = Victory!
Season 3, Episode 20: Adios Amigos
Poor old Johnny Drama was always down in his luck, so we all punched the air and shouted 'Victory' when his luck finally changed and his TV show became a hit...

5. Best Ari Gold speech (well, one of them...)
Season 3, Episode 15: Manic Monday
There are honestly too many to choose from! All I know for sure is that if politicians had Ari Gold as their speech writers, politics would be a lot more entertaining. This is classic Ari...

4. Ari Gold's paintball revenge
Season 6 Episode 12: Give A Little Bit
Ari Gold has regained control of his agency and plots his revenge by turning up with storms back into the office with a paintball gun to announce his return!

3. Johnny Drama suffers road rage
Season 2, Episode 8: Oh Mandy
Drama is having a bad day and it gets even worse when he gets into an altercation with a surfer that results in a spot of road rage!

2. Ari Gold bitch slaps Adam Davies
Seasn 5, Episode 3: The All Out Fall Out
After Adam Davies sends Ari Gold a picture of his wife from a porn movie years ago, Ari storms over to his office and demands an apology...

1. Johnny Drama kicks it all off in Las Vegas
Season 3, Episode 9: Vegas Baby, Vegas!
Following an indecent proposal from his favourite male masseuese, Johnny Drama storms off and right into a Vegas bar room brawl with Seth Green and his crew. It was the perfect finish to the greatest ever episode of Entourage!


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