Monday, 20 May 2013

YouTube Comedy Week sees the return of David Brent!

Yesterday saw the launch of the first ever YouTube Comedy Week. For the next seven days stand-up comedians from both sides of the pond will be pouring out their funny little hearts all for our viewing pleasure.

I was particularly excited about the return of David Brent! Ricky Gervais revives Slough's very own chilled-out entertainer for the first time in a long-running series since The Office ended in 2003. Gervais has previously brought Brent back in cameo roles, but fans will now be treated to a prolonged run of Brentisms in 'Learn Guitar with David Brent'.

Brent kicked off in typical cringe-worthy style today as he treated fans to 'Life on the Road' - a song about his sales repping job.

"I've always been mad," he jokes as he comments on his return, but in classic awkward Brent style puts his politically incorrect foot in it by elaborating: "I don't mean I've suffered mental illness. I haven't touch wood. I wouldn't joke about that. I do know people who have suffered mental illness and they are no fun to be around."

It's great to see one of comedy's greatest characters back, and you can view more laughs at and on Ricky's very own YouTube channel.

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