Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Next Everton manager to be a Dutchman?

As an Everton fan the last couple of weeks have been quite difficult. David Moyes - our great leader for 11 years - is leaving to join some team who plays in red, which has left Everton searching for a new manager.

I have been glued to Sky Sports News and reviewing the latest odds on our next manager. So when Paddy Power published an article on who will be the next Everton manager, I noticed that they had 'Dutch' manager Steve McClaren in at 66-1 (too short of odds if you ask me!) and this is how they build the pros and cons for him:

The case for:
- May actually be a good manager
- Experienced in British and European football

The case against:
- Hasn’t been a success everywhere he’s gone
- Always comes across like a bit of a nob

I guess they might have a point...!

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