Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The greatest fan mail ever sent...?!

Diary of a stand-up comedian Entry #57
This is a bona fide, genuine email that I received today from one of my 'fans' - perhaps the greatest email I have ever been sent in my life...

Dear Steven, 

I hope this mail of mine finds you all fine n' well. I am a big fan of yours and your comedy. You are a magician of a writer and a true jokesmith!!! I love the great pleasantry ambiance that you so awesomely create with your wonderful jokes. You are making the world a better place with your ever supply of laughter and comedy. I was humbly wondering could I please get a DVD of yours containing a personalized autograph of you please? I know the request of such is very high, but I live so far way from there, I live in a small country called Bangladesh. The chance of me seeing you live is almost zero. In fact I live in whole another continent! It would mean a lot to me. I adore your writings, like millions out there, and I am just a fan of your thundering stand-up comedy. 

Look forward to hear from you. 

Your fan & Best Regards, Obaid

I think a signed copy of The Drought could be on it's way to Obaid!

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