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Fantastic book reviews from around the world for The Drought!

Fantastic book reviews from around the world for The Drought!
In the last couple of weeks I have been getting in contact with some of the top reviewers on Goodreads - the social media book reading and sharing website - to ask them to review The Drought for me. And in the last week I am pleased to announce that I have had three postive reviews posted!

The first came from Kumara in Ireland who gave The Drought a four-star (out of five) book review and called it "funny as hell" as he admitted to laughing all the way through.

Next up came JM Hace who is currently ranked the number one reviewer from Mexico on Goodreads, and gave The Drought three stars and said it was a "male version of Helen Fielding's novels" who of course wrote the Bridget Jones Diary series.

And last but not least, this weekend I was delighted to get yet another positive book for The Drought, and this time it came from 3,500 miles away from a reader in Toronto! Teena in Toronto - who is currently ranked number six reviewer in Canada gave The Drought a glowing five-star review! Teena said she found it 'hilarious' and posted the review up to her blog site.

All three reviews can be found on Goodreads, or you can read them below...

Reader Review for The Drought by Teena from Toronto (Goodreads)
When the book starts, it's September 13 and Dan has just gotten tossed out of a bar, where he was drowning his sorrows, by a female bartender. Then Dan takes us back nine months earlier, to January 1, to fill us in on how he ended up in this predicament. He and his girlfriend of three years, Stacey, had just broken up. They had grown apart since they graduated from university last year ... she'd gotten nasty and clingy. It's been a while since he's been single and his friends, Rob (the funny one), Jack (the cheating one) and Ollie (the big slow one), are more than happy to give him advice and get him back out there. As the months go by, Dan isn't looking for a girlfriend, he just wants some action and this becomes their mission. We go on many dates with Dan, all ending in various kinds of disasters. Poor Dan! Dan has a sales job and he suspects his boss ("please call me Dick") has a crush on him. What gets Dan through the day plus giving him a woman's perspective is the platonic friendship he has with his colleague, Kelly. I really enjoyed this book and liked the humorous writing style. It is hilarious! This is lad-lit (chick-lit for men) so it was interesting reading about a break-up from a male perspective. The story is based in the London area and the author is English. As such, there are phrases and expressions that are specific to being English and some I wasn't familiar with (but it wasn't hard to figure it out). The language and actions are for a mature reader. I hope Steven writes many more books like this because I'll be reading them!

Reader Review for The Drought by Kumara (Goodreads)
This book is as funny as hell, laugh out loud funny at times. The story follows the misadventures of Daniel Hiiles following his break up with his long term girlfriend and his attempts to end his drought with members of the opposite sex. This book is a lads book but never sinks as low as lads magazines like nuts tend to, only Dans friend Jack comes close to this which might be why he was the only character in the book I did not like. The one liners in the book are spot on and needed to be with a main character who tends to speak before he thinks. Dan himself is a very likeable main character although has got to be one of the unluckiest people I have come across in a novel in a long time. There are some difference between men and women cliches like women not understanding the offside rule and men hating shopping but it does not take away from what is such a funny novel. It is very rare that a book makes me laugh the way this one did which is the highest complement I can give this book.

Reader Review: for The Drought by JM Hace (Goodreads)
Lad-Lit, that male counterpart to Chick-Lit, seems not to be as well-known, but this book is a perfect example of it. It's funny, entertaining, and a quite easy read. Not so much Nick Hornby as a male version of Helen Fielding's novels or something like that. And I mean that in a good way. The male lead is funny and sympathetic, but doesn't hide from his faults. A nice suprirse is seeing on the last page that the author is working on the sequel. Count me in.

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