Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Reader review on Goodreads calls The Drought a "laugh-out loud" very funny book!

Reader review on Goodreads calls The Drought a "laugh-out loud" very funny book!
Today I spotted a new review for The Drought on Goodreads. Reviewer 'Kumara' calls The Drought 'laugh-out loud' funny and gave it a four-star rating! I have copy and pasted the review below, and you can check out all the Goodreads reviews by clicking here

Goodreads Reader Review #1
This book is as funny as hell, laugh out loud funny at times. The story follows the misadventures of Daniel Hiiles following his break up with his long term girlfriend and his attempts to end his drought with members of the opposite sex. This book is a lads book but never sinks as low as lads magazines like nuts tend to, only Dan's friend Jack comes close to this which might be why he was the only character in the book I did not like. The one liners in the book are spot on and needed to be with a main character who tends to speak before he thinks. Dan himself is a very likeable main character although has got to be one of the unluckiest people I have come across in a novel in a long time. There are some difference between men and women cliches like women not understanding the offside rule and men hating shopping but it does not take away from what is such a funny novel. It is very rare that a book makes me laugh the way this one did which is the highest complement I can give this book.

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