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"This book is comedy genius!" - Chat About Books reviews The Drought by Steven Scaffardi

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This book review was originally posted on Chat About Books on Sunday, April 30, 2016

The Drought has been patiently waiting on my kindle for a whole year!! I know!! My apologies, Steven, but better late than never. I’m working my way through my review list slowly, but surely.

I took part in Steven’s blog tour last year. You can find my post here: #LadLitBlogTour – Q&A with author, Steven Scaffardi

Anyway, if you haven’t already read this book you really should as it is hilarious! Reading it in bed, next to a sleeping husband, trying not to laugh out loud has been quite a challenge!

The main character, Dan Hilles, is struggling to get his leg over since splitting up with his long term girlfriend and The Drought follows his story as he counts the hours, days and weeks since the last time he had sex, and his failing attempts with the ladies. His three best friends, Jack, Rob and Ollie are all very different characters, but all likeable in their own way and together they are so funny. The banter between them is brilliant! Ollie cracked me up, Rob is quite the ladies man and Jack, well, I’m not quite sure what to say about Jack! I liked Dan and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him as he seems like a genuinely nice bloke. Some of the situations he gets himself into though……. and his Mum’s reaction to some of those situations!! LOL! I loved his Mum.

This book is comedy genius! I loved it and hope it isn’t too long before I get the chance to read the sequel, The Flood.

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