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Amy's Bookish Life gives The Flood a four-star book review!

The Flood, Steven Scaffardi
This book review was originally posted on Amy's Bookish Life on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 as part of the #LadLitBlogTour

4/5 Stars
After reading The Drought and absolutely loving it, I had really high hopes for The Flood. I was really looking forward to getting stuck in and following the adventures of Dan Hilles once more.

After his eight month 'drought' Dan Hilles is ready to put his dating disasters behind him and get back in the driving seat, if only things were that simple. After a drunken afternoon, Dan bets his three friends that he can juggle multiple women at the same time within eight weeks. Sure enough, this isn't plain sailing as Dan soon finds out how hard it is to date four different women without them all finding out about each other. Things soon come to ahead in comical circumstances.

The Flood, like it's predecessor was absolutely hilarious, in a hurt your ribs laughing kind of way. I feel that in this book Dan got himself into more awkward situations than he did in The Drought. Some of them involving pub toilets, giant dogs, a strange flatmate, unfortunate train situations and fights. It was certainly humour at it's best. Like with The Drought it was so hard to stop myself from laughing when reading it in public and I certainly did get a few strange looks, which I couldn't care less about.

All the same characters that I'd grown to love in The Drought were back for The Flood such as Rob, Jack and Ollie and there were also new characters introduced which I found myself loving such as Ieuan and Steph. I found it quite endearing how Jack took Ieuan under his wing and called him 'Iron'. It was little things like that that made the book what it was. I found Dan in The Flood to be somewhat of a lovable prat. I found myself rolling my eyes and the lies he told and the predicaments he got himself into, but at the end of the day I couldn't stop myself from liking him. I think I liked him more in this, than I did in The Drought which I was quite shocked about to be honest.

What I also enjoyed about The Flood was the fact that yes we got the male perspective of things which we had in The Drought, but we also got to see a female perspective as well. In The Drought we didn't really find out a lot about the girls Dan was perusing, however in The Flood we got to find out a lot more about them. I found it rather interesting how my perception of Denise, Dan's 'stalker' changed after finding out some rather shocking things about her. I just found it to be a great thing to have the women in the story more of central thing in this book.

I found The Flood to be a great follow up to The Drought. It was full of the typical British lad humour that I'd come to expect and I couldn't stop myself from laughing. I love how the story ended on a cliffhanger leaving us wanting more and I for one cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

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