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"I am just going to come right out and say it, this book was friggin' hilarious!" Amy's Bookish Life reviews The Drought

The Drought, Steven Scaffardi, Lad Lit
This book review was originally posted on Amy's Bookish Life on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 as part of the #LadLitBlogTour

4/5 Stars
I'm a big fan of Chick Lit and I love immersing myself in it. However, I'd never heard of Lad Lit until Steven Scaffardi contacted me. The genre itself intrigued me and I knew I had to know more and delve into it with an open mind. The Drought was my first look into the world of Lad Lit and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

Dan Hilles is an average lad who after breaking up with his long-term girlfriend, Stacey, finds himself single and available. Having been out of the dating game for a long while, he is understandably a bit rusty. We go on a journey with Dan as he, alongside his friends Rob, Jack and Ollie attempt to end his drought and get back into the saddle. It isn't without its downsides though as we experience how hard it really is for Dan to talk to women, date women and get out of this Drought he has found himself in.

I am just going to come right out and say it, this book was friggin' hilarious! I found myself laughing at almost every single page. I was reading it in public at times and it was so hard too stifle my laughs. I couldn't believe some of the predicaments that Dan got himself into at times, and it just made the humour even funnier. The bit that got me the most was a moment between Dan, some condoms and a dog, it literally had me in tears of laughter. The dynamic between Dan and his friends Rob, Jack and Ollie reminded me of The Inbetweeners in a way. They had that sort of dynamic and I could somewhat imagine the four of them having their own show about their escapades. I know I'd watch it!

As this is Lad Lit, like Chick Lit it obviously had sexual scenes within it. I know some people may have a problem with that, but for me I found it perfectly reasonable for the genre. I feel like the scenes were handled well, and especially with this book they were also pretty laughable. I don't think anyone would really have a problem with them and if they do, then that's their own choice. I think many twenty-something lads would relate with Dan as a character. He is easily relatable and I'm sure many lads will have experienced some of the same things as he experienced throughout the book. He is, in my opinion a very real character, unlike so many others you get nowadays.

For my first look into Lad Lit, I admit I absolutely loved The Drought! It was funny, it kept me hooked and I found myself become rather immersed in the story. It was also great how typically British it was and I did love the fact that it was set in London. If you are looking into giving Lad Lit a go, definitely start off by reading The Drought. You will honestly love it!

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