Monday 7 September 2015

Characters from The Drought: Grace Ellison

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The Drought: Grace Ellison
Grace Ellison is the type of girl mere mortal men dream about. Beautiful, sexy and sassy, Grace could have her pick of the men.

So when Dan gets a chance with Grace, he finds himself in that enviable position of dating a girl way out of his league. Many men have been in this position before and many men have buckled under the pressure. The big question is will Dan be able to take the heat?

During his encounters with Grace in The Drought you'll witness a large consumption of alcohol, dance moves so bad they'll make you cringe, the worst case of amnesia in dating history, and a sausage dog.

It's fair to say that whatever happens, Grace is and always will be the hottest girl ever to give Dan the time of day. She is petite, with full lips and auburn coloured hair in bob cut and pretty little freckles on her nose.

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