Monday 12 October 2015

Characters from The Drought: Dick Mussel

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The Drought: Dick Mussel
We've all worked for a boss like Dick. Obnoxious, egotistical, unreasonable and totally annoying. Whether it's the way they sit back in their chairs with their hands linked behind the head in that attempt at a power pose or using words and phrases that make no sense in an attempt to sound smart, this is the boss from hell.

Dick Mussel - or Moo-cell as he insists it is pronounced - is Dan's boss at Maxwell Media; an B2B publishing house. Dick never seems to be happy unless he is making Dan's life a misery and is certainly oblivious to the fact that his name pretty much sums him up perfectly.

As the story progresses and Dan's plight becomes almost unbearable, not only does he have to continue putting up with his boss' demands for more sales reports and quarterly meetings, but there is a secret bubbling under the surface which Dan will regret unearthing the moment it happens!

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