Monday 10 August 2015

Characters from The Drought: Sophie Pudney

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The Drought: Sophie Pudney
When a woman asks you to guess her age, always go lower than what you're actually thinking. Unfortunately for Dan, when he was first introduced to his ex-girlfriend Stacey's best friend Sophie and she asked that very question, Dan went for the truth.

And that pretty much set the tone for their friendship - or lack of - from that moment forth.

Sophie would play no small part in the downfall of Dan and Stacey's relationship; never feeling that Dan was good enough for her best friend and corrupting Stacey to the point where she became a totally different person.

But the story doesn't end there. When Dan breaks up with Stacey on New Year's Day, it's Sophie who starts plotting his downfall, starting with a rather evil attack with the use of her trusty baseball bat. Things don't get much better for Dan after that either...

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