Monday 6 July 2015

Characters from The Drought: Dave Rowett

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The Drought: Dave Rowett
Dave is the ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend from hell!

After Dan breaks up with Stacey, it doesn't take her too long to hook up with the neanderthal that is Dave Rowett. And to make matters worse, Stacey has seemingly recruited Dave to join her and best friend Sophie in making Dan's life a misery whenever possible.

With his skinhead, big gold hooped earrings, proud battle scar across his cheek and colourful array of tattoos (including one across the side of his head), Dave has the menacing look to match his equally menacing personality.

And that is not good news for Dan, especially as he'll have his fair share of encounters with Dave. The question us what can Dan do to stand up to his new nemesis?

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