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Top 10 funny football movie poster mash ups!

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This week the Liverpool FC marketing team went into overdrive when they posted this rather embarrassing football movie mash-up to promote their upcoming pre season tour to the United States. Even as an Everton fan I feel a little sorry for Steven Gerrard; the scars of England's World Cup group stage exit is still fresh in the memory and they welcome their captain home with a task like this. Unlucky Stevie lad!

But after seeing this I decided to trawl the wonderful world wide web to see what other fantastic football inspired movie posters are doing the rounds and I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few! A big mention must go to those guys over at talkSPORT who were responsible for a fair share of these hilarious images. So enjoy 10 of the best movie poster memes I found after a quick 30 minute Google search...!

1. Luis Suarez
Where else could we start without the king of internet soocer meme's?! There were simply too many to show on this page but these four were my particular favourites: Biteback Mountain, Luis Suarez Gets The Munchies, A Uruguayan Werewolf in Liverpool and Bite Club.

Luis Suarez, Memes, Funny, Movie Posters, Football film posters, bite, Biteback Mountain, Luis Suarez Gets The Munchies, A Uruguayan Werewolf in Liverpool, Bite Club.

2. David Moyes
Poor old Davey Moyes got his fair share of flack following his first and only season in charge of Manchester United that the movie 1 Year a Manager probably would have been a box office flop too, and I doubt that the Class of '14 will be remembered with quite the same affection as those lads from 1992.

The Class of '14, 1 Year a Manager, David Moyes, memes, football, funny, movie poster, film poster, Manchester United, 12 Years a Slave, parody,

3. Andre Vilas Boas
Another manager who got the photoshop treatment after things didn't quite go according to plan was AVB after his unsuccessfil stint in charge of Chelsea. Get Chelsea and The Shining had Stamford Bridge shaking in their boots!

Get Chelsea, The Shining, Andre Vilas Boas, funny, football film poster, movie poster, meme, Chelsea,

4. Jose Mourinho
The Special One is another Chelsea manager with his own movie poster mash-up fame but Jose Mourinho gets a slightly easier ride as both sides of his personality are depicted in The Godfather and The Special One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.

The Godfather, The Special One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Jose Mourinho, film poster, funny movie poster, football, Chelsea,

5. Wayne Rooney
Wazza is no stranger to tabloid teasing and he must have known he was in for a bit of stick when he decided to have hair transplant treatment and alas The Hair Stitch Project was born.

The Hair Stitch Project, Wayne Rooney, funny, football, movie poster, film poster, hair transplant treatment,

6. Joey Barton
The king of Twitter rants is no stranger to controversy and following his sending off for QPR in that game against Manchester City he became the star of Dude, Where's My Card and Dumb and Dumber.

Dude, Where's My Card, Dumb and Dumber, Joey Barton, Twitter, Movie poster, funny film poster, funny, meme,

7. Charlie Adam
There was no love lost when Charlie Adam went up against Gareth Bale as twice the tough tackling Scot inflicted injury on the Welsh Wizard leading to movie classics such as Kill Bale, Kickboxer and Chopper.

Kill Bale, Kickboxer, Chopper, Charlie Adam, Gareth Bale, injury, funny, film poster, movie poster. meme, Liverpool, Tottenham

8. Arsene Wenger
Until last season's FA Cup success Arsenal fans had endured a nine-year trophy drought which would lead to many rival fans taunting them about a trophy hangover or in this case The Wengover.

The Wengover, Arsene Wenger, Arsenal, trophy drought, The Hangover, funny, football, funny film poster, football movie poster

9. Kenny Dalglish
The Liverpool legends final brush with management was bittersweet as he was criticised for a number of his decisions including agreeing to pay £35m for Andy Carroll. Some might say he was The Delusionist.

The Delusionist, Kenny Dalglish, Andy Carroll, transfer, £35 million, funny, movie poster, film poster, meme, Liverpool,

10. Ron Atkinson
Last but by no means least we have Ron Atkinson starring in Ron for no other reason than it rhymes with Tron. And that is good enough for me!

Ron, Ron Atkinson, Tron, funny, football, movie poster, film poster, meme

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