Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Top 10 social media reactions and memes to Brazil's 7-1 World Cup defeat to Germany!

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After just 30 minutes from kick-off at last night's World Cup semi-final in Belo Horizonte, the floodgates opened and I'm not talking about the free-scoring Germans! As one Tweet read: Twitter was made for games like this.

There was a record-breaking 35.6 million Tweets during Brazil's crushing 7-1 defeat to Germany as social media went crazy. And just like the Luis Suarez biting incident proved, this World Cup is a much better place for some of the hilarious virals we have seen during this tournament!

There really were too many of them flying around last night for me to do them justice (over 35 million!!) but here are 10 of my favourites (in no particular order)...

10. #ThingsMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinningTheWorldCup
Twitter naturally went hashtag crazy last night and it wasn't long before this one got trending!

#ThingsMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinningTheWorldCup, World Cup 2014, Brazil, Germany, 7-1, Memes, Twitter, Hashtag, funny

9. We were all doing the Tim Cahill!
When Australia midfielder tweeted a picture of himself holding his hand over his mouth in shock after Brazil had conceded five goals in 30 minutes the hashtag #TimCahilling got started and I even got involved in the action with my cat!

#TimCahilling, Steven Scaffardi, funny cat picture, memes, World Cup 2014, Brazil, Germany, 7-1, funny, Twitter, hashtag,

8. Beware of what you endorse!
Footballer's will put their name to anything to make an extra few quid but I bet Neymar never saw this one coming back to haunt him!

@BBCSporf, Twitter, funny, memes, Neymar, Brazil, Germany, World Cup 2014, 7-1, 7up,

7. David Moyes disguised as Luiz Felipe Scolari
Poor old Davey Moyes. It's bad enough the stick he got at Man Utd without having his name dragged through this mud as well!

6. David Brent gets in on the action
This tweet from @thecedo got a retweet from Ricky Gervais himself!

5. Jägerbomb...
... or Turbojäger as it is known in Germany! This was one of the best Vines of the night.

4. Sideshow Luiz!
The comparison between David Luiz and The Simpson's character Sideshow Bob are nothing new, but it didn't mean the jokes were any less funny! Here is one of the best...

Sideshow Bob, David Luiz, Sideshow Luiz, The Simpsons, Brazil, Germany, 7-1, memes, funny, World Cup 2014,

3. Alternative commentary from the WWE!
WWE commentator Jim Ross got involved in the action as this YouTube clip shows good old JR calling the game wrasslin' style!

2. You have to love Pornhub!
That's it, there isn't anything else to say - you just have to love Pornhub. Oh, and this Tweet was pretty funny as well!

Pornhub, Twitter, funny, memes, Brazil, Germany, 7-1, World Cup 2014, funny

1. We fucked up!
I'll leave the final word to those crazy cats over @BBCSporf who did a great job rubbing salt in the wounds, this time using the ultimate lad film The Hangiover to taunt the transfer fee paid by PSG for David Luiz...

PSG, David Luiz, transfer fee, funny, Brazil, World Cup 2014, Germany, 7-1, memes

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