Saturday, 21 June 2014

Top 10 funniest Dapper Laughs Vine video clips!

A few months ago I stumbled across a social media comedic genius making waves with his hilarious six second Vine video clips and I don't mind admitting that he got me proper moist! Dapper Laughs is the ultimate geezer; a proper lad in every sense of the word. He has a touch of the Jack Chatham's (from The Drought) about him and that his humour is right up my alley. He has already amassed an impressive following across Facebook and Twitter and just in case you haven't heard of him, here is a selection of 10 of his funniest and my favourite Vine clips...

10. Geeks hey??? (With Ben Adams)
This is a personal favourite of mine because it features Ben Adams, a stand-up comedian who I regularly used to see when I was performing on the open mic circuit a couple of years ago.

9. 1st Dates
Here is some first date insight from Dapper Laughs that all the guys will relate to. Sorry girls, but it's time to face the truth...

8. Thinks I'm gonna need a new gym
We've all seen those big geezer's showing off in the gym and no one puts them in their place like Dapper. Go on my son!

7. If Forest Gump lived in Brixton
Brixton often gets a bad press, but in recent years it has turned itself around and the people are now super friendly as Dapper Laughs found out.

6. Tinder Dates
As my old man says: "I was born too soon" and that certainly applies to me when I think about the joys of Tinder. This sums it up perfectly!

5. It's all about technique
It's a well known fact that bigger girls are more grateful when it comes to the loving so luckily Dapper has some cracking advice on how to get them moist. 

4. Had to get of the tube sharpish!
You see it all on the London tube. Luckily Dapper is there to capture it in all its six seconds of glory. Or is that morning glory?

3. Putting the rascal on her
What more can you say about this clip other than what a 24-carat LAD!

2. Pint please!
Trying to get a drink in the pub while the World Cup is on has its challenges so here is a cracking tip from Dapper to get the barman's attention...

1. Me and Ashley go back years
Even Ashley Cole gets in on the act. Classic Dapper.

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