Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Top 10 Best World Cup 2014 Adverts!

The Top 10 Best World Cup 2014 Adverts!
Stop everything... The World Cup has arrived!
And this is not just any old World Cup, this is a World Cup in Brazil. Yep, the English might have created the game of Association Football, but it was the Brazilian's who made it beautiful! It's time to forget South Africa and samba the night away!

But before things officially kick-off this evening with Brazil vs Croatia, that well-slicked marketing machine has already been charging across the globe to that delightful samba beat. And seeing as my day job means I have to take in a bit of advertising from time to time, a few corkers have been flying around the office today! Check them out...

1. McDonald`s GOL! FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 

2. Nike Football: The Last Game

3. The Sun's World Cup Advert - #DoUsProud

4. 2014 FIFA World Cup on ESPN -- Ian Darke Calls a Date

5. Nike Football: Winner Stays

6. Beats by Dre - The Game Before The Game

7. Adidas Commercial 2014 : House Match

8. Adriana Lima - KIA World Cup 2014 TV Commercial Ads

9. Hyundai Because Fútbol - "Avoidance"

10. Cristiano Ronaldo and Pele commercial for Fly Emirates and FIFA World Cup 2014 

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