Thursday, 19 May 2011

Video clip from Dirty Dicks!

For those of you with a filthy mind, you are probably not going to get the type of video clip you might have been hoping for based on the title of this blog post!

This is a video clip from my first ever appearance at Dirty Dick's in the city (near Liverpool Street). The footage is actually quite good because it is the first video clip I have that has not been filmed on an iPhone!

Bobby Freeman was on the line-up for last nights show, belting out his classic rendition of You Say It Best.

Apart from my opening line, which went down like a sh*t sandwich, I think it was another decent set. But with each gig I am now learning how much work you need to put into stand-up comedy. It's not all one big joke you know...!

... Well it kind of is one big joke, but you know what I mean right?!

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