Friday, 4 March 2016

Manuscript for The Flood submitted to the publisher!

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Finally, at long last I have completed the final, final draft of the manuscript for Sex, Love & Dating Disasters: The Flood and submitted it to Acorn Independent Press. I expect both versions of the book to be available this month!

The eBook version will be available first on Amazon as soon as the proofreading stage is complete, followed by the paperback available at all good online book retailers.

To everyone who has been asking when the follow-up to The Drought would be available, thank you for your patience. It only took me four years, five months and nine days to get to this stage :)

But I hope it will be worth the wait! The first few reviews from the preview copies I sent out to readers on Goodreads have been really positive so far. You can check them out by clicking here but here are a couple of samples from those reviews:

"Oh My Gosh, Laugh Out LOUD funny! my roommate ran in the room asking what was so funny and when I told her, she laughed so hard she could no longer walk!"

"The Flood made me laugh, it made me laugh aloud and often. There are a couple of scenes on a train which contain some of the funniest writing that I have read in a long time and that's where this novel is a major success, it is just damn funny."

So hopefully it will be worth the wait. Keep checking back for official publication date and for other uploads on character bios, reader reviews and a few more surprises!

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