Monday 7 December 2015

Characters from The Drought: Pete Crowford

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The Drought: Pete Crowford
Imagine a balding geek with a Bobby Charlton comb-over who truly believes he is a hit with the ladies and you have just met in your mind the man known as Pete Crowford.

Pete is one of those strange breed of men who seems totally oblivious to what he actually looks like; believing that a harmless glance from a woman is as good as a suggestion that she wants him bad.

Dan normally finds himself at odds with Pete in the office over the affections of the opposite sex, not that he pits himself up against the bespectacled IT worker. Pete is just so deluded that he will immediately take it as a challenge to win over the fairer sex if Dan so much as happens to be in the same room as a female co-worker.

In order to entertain himself, Dan and Kelly take it upon themselves to make Pete the brunt of many of their office pranks, and normally with hilarious consequences!

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