Monday 9 November 2015

Characters from The Drought: Shaila Saxena

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The Drought: Shaila Saxena
Meet Shaila: beautiful, exoctic, intoxicating and totally unapproachable. That's right, Shaila is the stereotypical office ice queen and no matter how hard Dan tries, he simply can't crack her. And he has tried everything, believe me! Including the good old Facebook poke, but all that got him was a trip to the HR department.

From the moment Dick's new PA turns up in the office, Dan is besotted. The jet black hair, the coffee coloured skin, her dark alluring eyes, those legs that go on forever - Shaila has got it all and she has very little interest in giving any of it to Dan!

So much so that she hardly knows that Dan exists, going as far as referring to him as Don for the most part. Not that Dan cares, the fact she event thinks she has a name is good enough for him.

Now if only he could find a way of melting the ice...

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