Monday, 11 June 2012

Irish fans sing Home & Away - the best football song ever?

Irish fans sing Home & Away - the best football song ever?
Football fans sometimes get a bit of a bad press about the things they chant from the terraces, but few can deny the genius spare of the moment and impromptu songs that some fans are able to think up on the spot.

I can remember one particular trip to Loftus Road back in the 90s and listening the QPR faithful passionately belt out the lyrics Who needs Cantona, when we've got Devon White. The fact you are probably scratching your head trying to remember who the hell Devon White is speaks volumes.

From the re-workings of  Artful Dodger and Craig David's single “Re-Rewind” to create Van Per-sie, when the girl says 'no', molest her to Celtic fans chanting There's only two Andy Gorams at reference to the Rangers keeper being diagnosed as a schizophrenic, football fans have always been quick off the pulse when it comes to sing-a-long banter.

But this week at Euro 2012 when Ireland fans launched into a rendition of the Home & Away theme tune to drown out Croatia fans singing their own footy song on a Poznan tram, surely has to take some beating.

There isn't really much else for me to say other than enjoy...

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