Friday, 8 June 2012

Back with a bang baby!

Diary of a stand-up comedian Entry #53
A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in performing stand-up comedy at a charity event she was running for the media company IPC.

I wasn't too sure. I had only performed one gig this year, and that was the semi final of the Next Big Thing comedy competition, which didn't exactly go great! I was happy that my evening's no longer revolved around going to a dingy little pub somewhere in the arse-end of London to perform in front of five people, who either didn't care what I was saying or were too drunk to notice.

I left those crazy nights behind me. I made my decision to take a break from stand-up comedy, and by God I was going to stand by it. Nothing could change my mind.

Then she happened to mention that IPC published Nuts magazine and that a couple of the glamour models that had appeared spread-eagled in the mag were going to be making an appearance.

Well, perhaps I shouldn't be too hasty...!

And I am bloody glad I decided to come out of 'retirement' for the evening! Not because of the scantily-clad babes that made an appearance (they were actually fully-clothed - what a liberty! Plus they didn't even give me a second look - must be lesbians...).

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I was pleased I turned up because it was probably the best night I have ever had up on the comedy stage. My set went down a storm (they had no idea I hadn't written any new material in over six months!), and there was a huge audience - all laughing (which is always a bonus...). You just can't beat that feeling of a room full of people laughing at you - unless of course its because you're trousers have fallen down and they are laughing at your little problem. That is never a nice feeling... not that I'm talking from experience or anything!

All the comedians on the night were top notch - from the compere Toby Brown to the headline act Rob Beckett, and it was all in the name of charity of course! Which is nice... :)

Maybe I won't leave it as long next time...

... Then again I do quite like sitting around in my pants doing nowt each evening. Each to their own!

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