Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Open mic stand-up comedy links

Open mic stand-up comedy links London
Over the last 12 months, I have performed at a few venues across London that host open mic stand-up comedy nights, so I have put these useful links together for anyone who is interested in giving stand-up comedy a go.

The Comedy Bin
The Comedy Bin arrange several open mic comedy nights at different venues right across London. It is certainly worth getting in contact with Comedybin Jay on Facebook or following on Twitter for more information on how to get on the mailing list and how to book spots.
- Venues include: The Carnivale, The Alchemist, The Retro Pub, T-Bird, The Bowery, The Old School Yard, Dr Inks, and The Railway.

The Cavendish Arms
Every Monday and Tuesday, the Cavendish Arms host Comedy Virgins. This is where I did my first ever stand-up gig and it is one of the best open mic venues on the circuit. The crowd is really supportive and get behind all of the acts. For more information you can follow on Twitter at @CavendishArms or check out the Facebook group.

The Railway
I have a soft spot for the Open Mic nights at The Railway. This is a fairly new night on the circuit, promoting new comedy and music acts. I was there on the first night and I keep going back. One of the few venues where you'll get more than five minutes as a new comedian. Send Openmic Matt a message on Facebook for more information. UPDATE: This is now part of Comedy Bin.

Dirty Dicks
Open mic comedy in the city every Wednesday night called Toyching Cloth. Check out the Dead Comedian's Sock group on Facebook for more information, or email with the words "Touching Cloth" in the subject title, your name, the date you would like a spot, and if you would like to be filmed (costs £5).

5 Minutes of Fame
These guys host open mic comedy nights at two venues: Rudy's Revenge in Holborn on Wednesday nights, and the Camden Head in Islington on Thursday nights. To book a spot email with either Wednesday or Thursday in the subject line.

Tuesday and Thursday nights of comedy at The Torriano in Kentish Arms. If you want to book a gig then email

The Laughter Lung
A weekly comedy night at The Kings Head in Clapham. Check out the Facebook group for details of how to book slots.

East Meets Jest
Covent Garden open mic comedy at Belushi's. New acts looking for open mic spots can email

West End Comedy
Open mic night in Leicester Square, not a stones throw from the legendary Comedy Store. Check out details on Facebook by contacting Paul Laight.

Great Comedy Nights
Organisers of the Golden Jester new comedy competition across the South East.

Lions Den Comedy Club
Open mic comedy in the West End at Bar Rumba every Tuesday.

Comedy Cafe
Now into its 20th year of promoting comedy. Every Wednesday they have a New Act Night.

Hoopla hold open mic nights for people who want to try stand-up for the very first time. Check out Steve Roe on Twitter to find out more.

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