Monday, 16 January 2012

New Year, new reader reviews!

New Year, new reader reviews!
Book reviews for The Drought by Steven Scaffardi
So The Drought has now been out for around four months, and it looks like it might have ended up in a few Xmas stockings based on these recent reviews on Amazon...

Amazon Reader Review #16 (Kindle Edition): Funny, Cringy and suprisingly sentimental
The Drought is a very funny book. What Steven the author has managed to do, is create a little world that we have seen before as men growing up, and put it into print. When you read the book you will not necessarily see your experiences, but you will definitely see those of some of your mates or friends of friends. What the book also manages to do, is to not alienate women. Yes it is a lad book, but it is a great insight into men for women, so they can see what is actually going through our minds, even if we don't really like to admit it! It is the sort of book you could take on holiday with your girlfriend/wife, read it yourself, and then she could read it after and find herself really liking it even though it wasn't the sort of book she would have thought to have read. Looking forward to the next book. 4/5 stars

Amazon Reader Review #17 (Paperback Edition): Cracking read
'Laugh out loud' funny and a real page turner, I enjoyed this book immensely, can't wait for the next book from Steven Scaffardi 5/5 stars

Amazon Reader Review #18 (Paperback Edition): A laugh a minute
This book was written by an acquaintance of mine that I have never actually met in person but, after reading this, if I did ever have the privilege of doing so, I would shake his hand and say something along the lines of 'mate, I am in absolute awe'. This novel is an absolute riot and had me in stitches on the train both on the way up to and back from Manchester over the New Year break - I must have looked a right fool sat in that carriage chuckling away, but I didn't care; there was soooo much here that I could relate to and I'm glad that somebody has finally seen fit to put a comical slant on the sexual pursuits of the average thirty-something male into print. Well written and cleverly constructed, this is a compulsive page turner that will have you cackling with laughter the more you read. Mr. Scaffardi, I applaud you. 5/5 stars

Amazon Reader Review #19 (Kindle Edition): This book is sooooooo funny!
I can't remember the last time I laughed so much while reading a book! Seriously, this is one of the best books I read last year. The story is about a character called Dan who is desperately trying to get back into the dating game (or at least the mating game!) after splitting up with his girlfriend. What follows is nothing short of hilarious! It is like one long episode of The Inbetweeners. This has been positioned as lad lit, but I am a girl and enjoyed it just as much as my boyfriend did. It would make a fantastic holiday book! 5/5 stars

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