Friday, 16 September 2011

Interview with the Croydon Advertiser

Today my interview with Sophie May Hayes was printed in both the Croydon Advertiser and Sutton Advertiser. The full article is below or you can read it here.

Comedian Steven in novel approach
by Sophie May Hayes

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As a sports reporter Steven Scaffardi thought he knew all about scoring. When it came to his private life he wasn't quite so sure.

He found that most of his friends were the same and their banter and bravado were a long way from the way they were portrayed in such programmes as Sex and the City.

So Steven, 33, decided to write about it in his book The Drought, which is due to be published on September 24 and has already been dubbed 'Lad Lit'.

The story centres on Daniel Hilles, a regular guy with regular friends, a regular job and a regular life. That is, until his break-up with Stacy, his girlfriend of three years. Finding himself suddenly single, Dan awkwardly attempts to edge himself back into the dating world and is thrown into a sexual drought.

"When I was writing it, I drew from past experiences my friends and I have had," said Steven. "Obviously some are greatly exaggerated for comic effect, but some are, unfortunately, true. Many of Dan's friends in the book are based on mine, and when they read it, a few recognised themselves... I just hope no ex-girlfriends get their hands on a copy."

So he wrote the book as an attempt to escape what Steven calls the "dark world of media sales", which he moved into after leaving journalism.

He was born in Tooting, but now lives in Carshalton with his fiancée Jade, who he met through the job.

"I hadn't even heard of Lad Lit until after the book was published. I wrote it because I saw some of the stuff my girlfriend watches or reads and I just thought, men don't think like that! I wanted to write something from a man's point of view."

Steven has also been busy launching a career as a stand-up comedian.

"I'm a big fan of comedy and I always wondered what it would be like to do some stand-up. A friend of mine started about 18 months before me and told me to give it a go and I thought why not? If I'm awful at least I can say I tried."

Steven does up to four shows a week and has reached the quarter finals of the Golden Jester comedy competition on October 4 at the Holiday Inn in Sutton.

"I watch my first show back now and I cringe. I stupidly told lots of people to come and got ridiculously drunk. Luckily my friends were there and they would laugh at whatever I did."

His stand-up routine deals with relationships, dates that have gone wrong and the loss of his virginity.

"I just love the buzz of people laughing at your jokes. There is no feeling like it. When I write my new material I'll probably include some stuff about my fiancée, but I'll make sure we're married first so she can't get angry and leave!"

The Drought is published by Indepenpress Publishing Ltd and costs £8.99

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