Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Comedy Bin debut

My first ever Comedy Bin gig was on Friday night in Finsbury Park at a bar called T-Bird and I learned two very valuable lessons.

Number 1: Drunk people don't care very much for open mic comedy
Number 2: Dangerous T does in fact look very dangerous!

The night had been going well, all hosted superbly by Marilyn Muruako. There was a good vibe in the downstairs room where the comedy was taking place, and I was looking forward to my set. It was also good to get a look at some of the talent out there on the circuit. Guys like Mark Diamond, Harriet Kemlsey, and Mr Blair, were all very funny.

But there was one man who stood out for me and that was Dangerous T.

I remember glancing around the room when we went downstairs and there he was, psyching himself up for his set a bit like Rocky Balboa. And I think you have to respect a man who goes one better than Mr T, and emphasises his title with a word like dangerous!

So the first half of the evening had gone well, but within seconds of the restart after the interval the mood changed. A group of lads from upstairs decided they were going to come down and talk through the comedy. They didn't so much heckle, rather have a loud conversation with each other.

By the time I got my five minutes on stage, I was all too aware of the drunken ramblings going on at the back. I tried to ignore it, but it's not easy. I'd had a few drinks myself by the time I got on, and was feeling a bit brave (I also had a few mates there and they are quite big lads so that also helps make you feel a little bit brave), and I tried to silence the group of lads like a couple of others had done before me...

The problem is I'm not exactly that experienced with dealing with this type of situation while on stage. This was only my eighth gig! So instead of saying something witty, I just told the guys to shut-up and insulted them. Looking back, probably not the best thing I could have done, but luckily they didn't hear me...

... they were too busy talking to each other!

So all in all, a bit of a mixed night but all part of that learning process I guess!

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