Monday 9 February 2015

Characters from The Drought: Rob Devlin

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The Drought: Rob Devlin
Rob Devlin is one of those super-cool, good-looking, smooth-talking guys who girls fall over themselves to get to. He oozes charm and charisma, and can certainly turn on his sensitive side when he needs to, yet still manages to maintain his 'one of the lads' status with just as much ease.

Rob has been Dan's best friend ever since they used to play kiss chase with the girls in the school playground. With his sandy beach blonde boy-band style haircut and a good dress sense, it isn't hard to understand why Rob is s such a ladies man.

He works in a clothes shop, or a fashion boutique, as Rob likes to put it. Whilst his friends are more than happy to rock high street brands such as Top Man and River Island, Rob is always wearing the latest from Prada or Lanvin, and he is the one member of the group who you could call metrosexual. But even his usually solid advice is wasted on Dan!

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