Thursday, 10 January 2013

Every office needs an Office Linebacker like Terry Tate!

Having worked in an office for nearly a decade, you come across your fair share of people who could do with being brought down a peg or two. Whether it is your boss, work colleague, or even the boys in the post office - at some point someone needs to feel the pain!

Take the other day for example. I go out into the office kitchen to get my Muller Fruit Corner yoghurt - a treat I'd been looking forward to all day - only to catch some foolio spoon deep in my Summer Fruits!

'What the hell do you think you are doing?' I demanded to know; ready to slap my yoghurt pot out of their hand quicker than I could slap the creamy taste of Muller's finest out of their mouth.

'Oh sorry,' came their week reply. 'I thought these were communal.'

Communal? When have you ever heard of a office communal friggin' Summer Fruits Muller Fruit Corner pal? What do you think this is, an all you can eat buffet?!

Of course I didn't say that; I'm British. Instead I pathetically replied 'That's okay, it's an easy mistake to make' when what I should have been doing was bringing the pain! Terry Tate style!

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