Saturday, 10 December 2011

Amazon reader review update

Amazon reader review update
Book reviews for The Drought by Steven Scaffardi...

Amazon Reader Review #14 (Kindle Edition): Brilliant read
This book is one of the funniest I have read in a long time. The author's descriptions and observations are spot on and means that you can really identify with the characters (even as a woman). Cant wait for the next book! 5/5 stars

Amazon Reader Review #15 (Kindle Edition): Badly Behaved Men
This book is a laugh from start to finish and an excellent debut novel by Steven Scaffardi. I suppose this is what you would call `lad-lit' but I'm most definitely a woman and I found the storyline, the characters and the humour every bit a woman's read as well as a man's. The story centres around four blokes - they are blokes, not gentlemen - the main one being Dan, who after treating his girlfriend dreadfully at New Year, finds himself dumped and without on-tap sex. The whole of the story then centres around Dan's desperation to find himself a girlfriend, or at least any female who will sleep with him - `the drought' being the length of time without sex. With the help, or in some cases hinderance, of his trendy mates Rob and Jack and a rather less trendy Ollie, Dan finds himself in some awfully cringeful situations, sometimes life threatening but always hilarious. The drought does eventually come to an end in an unusual but fairly predictable way. With overtones of Men Behaving Badly, this story is full of satirical comments and observations of life in general which will amuse and entertain the reader - much recommended. 5/5 stars

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