Saturday, 1 October 2011

September comedy round-up...

Guy Manners: MC at The Carnivale
Diary of a stand-up comedian Entry #37
I had two Comedy Bin gigs this month that I haven't mentioned yet - one on September 19 at The Carnivale hosted by Guy Manners, and then it was off to Clapham on September 28 for The Alchemist hosted by Aatif Nawaz.

I felt a bit sorry for Guy on the night as he tried to get the audience involved during his intro, but was met with two of the most stand-offish members of the crowd he could have picked! You had one woman who insisted she bascially did nothing in her life! And then he was chatting to some dude who seemed unsure of who he was! Hmmm, tough crowd. At least Guy managed to pick them out for the rest of us!

And back at The Alchemist where the hard-working Alex Chapman was doing his 49th gig of the week (the boy doesn't stop gigging!) and cat-lover Scott Rutterford, who had brought his banjo with him to sing a song about - yep, you guessed it - his cat!

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