Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Early praise for The Drought

Before the official publication date of The Drought, I managed to get some early book reviews from some well-known TV personalities and journalists. Here is what they had to say...

Early praise for The Drought
“The Drought is a good, entertaining read. It hits what could be a gap in the market. The story is well-paced and crucially it makes the reader sympathise with the main character, through his self-deprecating humour and the sense that he represents the aspirations and frustrations of many young men."
David Harrison | Senior Reporter at the Daily Telegraph
David Harrison has written articles published in MailOnline, The Daily Telegraph, BBC News, The Sunday Telegraph and News of the World.

Ortis Deeley"One of the most brutally honest and funny stories I've read in the last few years. A pleasantly darker alternative to the offerings of Mike Gayle. All hail the arrival of Steven Scaffardi."
Ortis Deley | Actor & Television Presenter
Ortis Deley has been in the entertainment business for over 15 years and is currently presenting on Five's The Gadget Show and on Choice FM on Sunday mornings

"The Drought is a great insight into man! It opens up the mind of the London twenty-something bloke, and lets you know exactly what they are really thinking. It is like an adult Inbetweeners that will have you laughing all the way through, but amongst the sexual humour and outright lad culture there is also the story of a nice guy on a journey of self-exploration. The Drought takes you on a journey of embarrassing moments that make you cringe and laugh your head off, yet still manages to give you a solid tale that gives you a warm feeling inside. Ever wondered what men really think? Then this is the book for you. Steven has opened up the brain of lad and laid it out in a book for you."
Luke Dolan | Television Producer for The X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent
Luke Dolan has worked in the television industry for 10 years

Angelica Bell"Witty, well-written, and pulls no punches. It's not often a book keeps my attention, but this one did. I could definitely relate to many experiences in the book. Scaffardi has an imaginative mind that needs to be unleashed. I'm watching this space."
Angellica Bell | Television & Radio Presenter
Angellica Bell has been a presenter for over 10 years and is currently a Reporter on BBC1's The One Show and ITV's The Zone

“Just wanted to say what a huge fan I am of Steven Scaffardi's The Drought. It comes across as a superior version of chick lit for men - immediately engaging, written in a really modern vernacular and he's already mastered comic timing.”
Matt Whipp | Online Editor for printweek.com
Matt Whipp is the editor for printweek.com which is the global leading website serving the print community

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