Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nick Sun is crazy part 2!

Recognise anyone? Back wall at Rudy's
Revenge - does the character on the
right look familiar?
Diary of a stand-up comedian Entry #22
After seeing Nick at Laughter Lung last month, I wasn't too sure he would be able to top his craziness... But he did! This time it was at Rudy's Revenge in Holborn, promoted by Five Minutes of Fame.

During his set, he was attempting to read someones mind by placing his hand on top of an audience members head. But his attention switched to a lady sitting in the audience who he had overheard whisper to her friend that she was bored.

What followed was nothing short of outrageous! Nick decided he would read her mind by bascially shoving his hands down his trousers and rubbing his genitals. Oh, and then he rubbed his hand on her face!

To say there was an element of shock in the room would be an understatement, and it wasn't really a surprise when Nick left shortly after his set! However, it gave me a bit of material...

On the back wall of Rudy's Revenge, behind where the comedians perform, are a series of cartoon characters that have been painted on to the wall. One character happens to look a little Oriental with big black hair, and his hand shoved into his pocket.

I think you can probably guess how I opened my set this evening... Thanks Nick!

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