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Men like lists. I'm not entirely sure why, but there is something quite satisfying about ranking things from one to 10. We'll list about anything from favourite World Cup goals to the hottest Baywatch actress (and I use that term loosely!) to the greatest quotes movie quotes of all time.

Occasionally these lists will get us into trouble, as was the case a few years ago when male execs in the Dublin office of PricewaterhouseCoopers sent an email around to each other ranking the hottest babes in the office. The email went viral and before you knew it everyone around the world had an opinion on the girls they had ranked!

But this hasn't put me off. I am a man and I write lists dammit! So please stick around and check out some of the Top 10s and let me know what you think!

Recent Top 10s

15 JUNE 2013
Top 10 John Terry Photobombs!
First the Champions League Final (with shinpads) and then the Europa League Final (minus shinpads). So where will John Terry turn up and celebrate next?

10 JUNE 2013
Top 10 funniest and best moments in Entourage
If Carlsberg made TV shows... Can't wait for the big screen adaptation of Entourage? Then take a trip down memory lane and watch the the best moments from those glorious eight seasons!

5 JUNE 2013
Top 10 best Championship / Football Manager players ever!
A game so obsessive it has been cited in over 30 divorce cases! This is a look back over 20 years of the greatest CM/FM players!

1 JUNE 2013
Top 10 Football Fun moments of the 2012/13 season!
From record-breaking to leg breaking, and retirements to appointments, the 2012/13 season has had a bit of everything. Let's have a little look back shall we...!

24 MAY 2013
Top 10 reasons why Duncan Fergsuon should be the next Everton manager!
As a diehard fan of the Blues, I am eager that they make the right choice in appointing the next manager, and in this post I make a case for Toffees legend  Duncan Ferguson to be given the nod.

22 MAY 2013
Top 10 Diary of a Stand-Up Comedian blog posts! 
I had a great 12-months performing across London on the open mic stand-up comedy circuit in 2011 and this is my look-back at my top 10 favourite Diary of a Stand-Up Comedian blog posts!

4 MAY 2013
Top 10 gift ideas for men
Women often complain that men can be hard to buy gifts for, so that is why I compiled a list of top-notch presents any man would love to unwrap! So don't waste your time with any more futile Google searches and check out this list!

31 OCTOBER 2012
The rules for a lads road trip: The 10 Commandments
In this offcial excerpt from comedy novel The Drought you can find out the rules for a road trip with the boys as one of the characters, Jack Chatham, explains the 10 commandments.

15 OCTOBER 2012
Top 10 Lad Lit Authors
Lad lit - often referred to as chick-lit for men - are books about relationships by men and about men! Here I look at 10 authors who are flying the flag high for the lad-lit and finally getting the male point of view across when it comes to love, dating, sex, and relationships.

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