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I love a good read, whether it's a an old-fashioned action story, a hilarious hoot about boys being boys, or an autobiography that offers insight into the lives of sporting heroes and Rock Gods, I can quite happily lose myself in a good book!

Since writing and publishing The Drought I have found myself engrossed in a new genre: lad-lit - otherwise known as bro lit, dick lick and fratire, and sometimes referred to as chick-lit for men!

These days, most of my reading time comes on my train journeys to and from work, and I have read my fair share during those London commutes. Here at my blog I decided to put together a collection of reviews on books I have either read or I am currently reading whilst being jammed into somebody's armpit on London transport!

And while this collection of book reviews might be called Lad Lit Book Reviews, that is not to say it is exclusive for lads only. We don't discriminate here - the ladies are more than welcome! It simply refers to a collection of books often told from a man's point of view, has an alpha male as the lead character, its pages are full of testosterone and packs a bit of a punch.

Review Policy and Author Promotion
I am more than happy to take requests to review books and you can contact me by email at if you would like to submit a review request, but please note - unlike other book review blogs, I am not reviewing a new book every week. In between a busy day job, trying to be a good husband and father and attempting to write the odd novel myself, I am very time poor. I'm lucky at the moment if I get to read one book a month!

So please don't take offence if I decline to read your book. It's simply that I have very little time and therefore would not want to waste your time. Trust me, I know how tough it is to try and get reviews!

That being said, I am more than happy to host Author Interviews, promote book launches and author news in the Lad Lit News section, and host Giveaways on this blog. Plus I'll do what I can to help promote your book where I can across my social media feeds.

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