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My first real memory of football was Mexico 86. I remember religiously collecting Panini stickers for the very first time, reenacting Gary Lineker's hat-trick against Poland in the school playground, and of course that Diego Maradona goal that broke English hearts.

But what I remember the most was that as a result of watching that World Cup I became gripped by football forever. I was eight-years-old at the time and I needed a team to support. I asked my father who my newfound hero Gary Lineker played for, and his response prompted me to become an Everton fan which I remain to this very day.

As the late great Alan Ball once said: “Once Everton has touched you nothing will be the same.”

Still, it would have been nice if my dad had told me that Mr Lineker went off and joined Barcelona after those Finals. I'm not saying I would have switched allegiances or anything like that, but it would have been nice to have had the choice...!

So like most football fans, I have my own opinions which can normally be heard down the local pub. But just in case you don;t happen to be in the area to stop by for a quick pint, every now and then I post my thoughts here on this blog...

Latest Football Fun posts...

16 JUNE 2013
The real reason Luis Suarez is leaving Liverpool
The controversial Uruguayan striker appears to be kissing goodbye to Liverpool but what is the real reason behind his desire to get away from Anfield quicker than a scally with some stolen hubcabs?

15 JUNE 2013
Top 10 John Terry Photobombs!
John Terry has developed something of a habit of turning up for celebrations he has little to do with. Here is a countdown of 10 of the best!

1 JUNE 2013
Top 10 Football Fun moments of the 2012/13 season! 
With the season now over, it is time to look back and reflect on all those amazing moments that made this another fantastic season of soccer!
24 MAY 2013
Top 10 reasons why Duncan Fergsuon should be the next Everton manager! 
I have not been able to decide on who I'd like to see in the Everton dugout, until yesterday when I had an epiphany that the man known as Big Dunc would be perfect for the job!

21 MAY 2013
Next Everton manager to be a Dutchman?
Following the announcement that David Moyes would be leaving Goodison Park for Old Trafford, the bookies have been having a field day, and this snippet from a Paddy Power article sums up one candidate perfectly!

15 MAY 2013
How John Terry won the Europa League
After last season's Champions League impression of Superman to get into his kit faster than a speeding bullet, we surely didn't believe that good old JT could strike lightning twice. Did we?

6 MAY 2013
Gary Neville or Karl Pilkington quotes?
Gary Neville has been a revelation in his first year as a Sky Sports pundit, but after watching a repeat episode of An Idiot Abroad, I couldn;t help but compare some of Neville's quotes with a fellow Mancunian. Take this quiz and see if you can tell the difference!

3 MAY 2013
Elmohamady dances his way to the Premiership!
The climax to the Championship season should be remembered for the way in which Hull City beat Watford to automatic promotion right at the death, but part of me hopes it will be remembered for Ahmed Elmohamady's ridiculous celebration!

2 JULY 2012
The best moments of Euro 2012
Summer is always brighter when their is a football tournament going on, and this year we were treated to a feast at Euro 2012. I literally couldn't take my eyes off the screen as every time they panned into the crowd their was another hot girl!

11 JUNE 2012
Irish fans sing Home & Away - the best football song ever?
Ireland's fans are renowned for always being up for the craic, but they outdid themselves at Euro 2012 when in response to Croatia fans singing they belted out the Home and Away theme tune.

4 MAY 2012
Delio Rossi's apology, my fear for his children & why he should be the new England manager!
The headline pretty much says it all, but just in case you haven't heard - Fiorentina manager Delio Rossi punched one of his players!

25 APRIL 2012
Geoff Shreeves and Gary Neville - the real heroes at the Nou Camp!
Chelsea fans had every right to be dancing with delight after Torres scored, but quite why Gary Neville had a goalgasm and Geoff Shreeves decided to break Ivanovi's heart, we'll never quite know!

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