Advice for Indie Authors

Over the last couple of years I have learned a thing of two about the big bad world of self-publishing and the struggles being an indie author can bring. I'm certainly not an expert, and I'm still learning, but I like to think (hope!) that I've learned a thing or two along the way.

When I first started out I wrote a blog on about experience of getting my first novel, The Drought, published in 2011 and ever since then I have continued to blog about my journey and the things I've picked up along the way.

Below is list of all the posts I have published about my experience of self-publishing or you can read the full library of Advice for Authors posts by clicking here.

20 APRIL 2013
Amazon buys Goodreads: What does it mean for Indie Authors?
There were mixed views when Goodreads was sold to Amazon earlier this year. What impact could this have for indie authors?

20 NOVEMBER 2012
Indie authors beware! Do not feed the reviewers!
Getting book reviews from readers and bloggers is crucial, but make sure you do your homework first and don't make the same mistakes I did and learned the hard way!

13 NOVEMBER 2012
Nick Spalding - what a jolly good fellow!
Best selling self-published author Nick Spalding was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to reply to an email I sent to offer some helpful advice.

Hints and tips for indie authors!
Exactly one year to the date to when I self-published my debut novel The Drought, I reflect on what I have learned and offer some advice to fellow indie authors.

17 JUNE 2012
You do judge a book by its cover part 2! 
Following a previous post where I discussed the importance of a good book cover, here I reveal the six different cover designs for The Drought that I had to choose between.

27 DECEMBER 2011
Local book signings - sell yourself!
As an indie author not only do you have to sell your book, but you also need to sell yourself, and arranging book signings at local bookstores is a great way of doing just that!

22 DECEMBER 2011
Sharing my book with the world... literally!
I use book sharing platform to send copies of The Drought all over the world to see if word of mouth can help me pick up some momentum.

10 OCTOBER 2011
An online audience is a great starting point
I take to the internet to try and drum up some interested in my book, and look at what hashtags indie authors can use on Twitter, as well as other platforms such as Amazon Associates.

Media exposure and reviews
In the fortnight leading up to the official publiction date of The Drought I look back at some of the things I have learned when trying to get some media exposure for my upcoming book release.

19 AUGUST 2011
Sell, sell, sell!
What is my business plan to start creating sales once my book is published next month? In this blog post I explain the method behind my financial madness!

29 JULY 2011
Edit, re-edit, and edit again!
Editing can be a long and laborious task, but it is important to go over your work numerous times in order to make sure you leave no stone unturned and no spelling mistakes lingering on your pages!

18 JULY 2011
The social media opportunity
Social media sites attract huge traffic numbers, but no longer are they simply a way of keeping in contact with friends, and therefore these platforms offer themselves as a fantastic tool for indie authors.

30 JUNE 2011
You do judge a book by its cover!
I speak with Jacqueline Abromeit, Art Director at Pen Press, about what makes a good book cover that will help your novel stand out on the shelves.

13 JUNE 2011
Are we there yet? Nearly!
As I embark on my self-publishing journey, I take a closer look at the self-publishing industry and tackle some pretty big and daunting figures!

12 MAY 2011
Think before you print!
Before taking that all important decision to send your novel off to the printers, what should you so? In this post I discuss how helpful the 'readers report' from Pen Press Publishing was.

18 APRIL 2011
eBooks and the London Book Fair
Following a visit to the London Book Fair, I gain some valuable insight about eBooks and learn how digital books are proving to be a great opportunity for indie authors.

11 APRIL 2011
The incredible journey starts here...
My self-publishing journey starts today! In the first of my blog posts, I take a look at the task ahead of me and get ready for the hard work which is about to start.

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