Ramblings of a 30-Something Man

The Ramblings of a 30-Something Man: Author of The Drought, Steven Scaffardi, is not miserable and bitter, he is just trying to deal with life in his 30s! The Ramblings of a 30-Something Man is his outlook on life as he sees it as he shares his brutally honest, but always witty and funny observations, about the world in which we live!

As a kid life seemed like one big bubble of fun; stress-free, full of innocence, and a six-week summer holiday that lasted forever. In my teens, the real-world was a million miles away; I had the world at my feet and my parents to fund me. Moving into my 20s gave me the opportunity to spread my wings and flex my muscles; with university complete and money in my pocket from a full-time job I was ready to tackle the world.

And then I hit my 30s.

Don't get me wrong, I like being in my 30s. I now have life experiences, I have traveled to places further afield than Faliraki or Malia, and I have financial, personal, and career security. I am a homeowner and I share my life with my beautiful wife.

But as any man will tell you, once you hit 30 and ever so slowly start crawling towards that daunting number of 40, something begins to change which no one really warns you about. 

The immaturity levels that you have been allowed to get away with up until the age of 29 are no longer tolerated or welcomed. You desperately want to prove you still have the same amount of stamina that you had when you were 20, when in reality you can't wait to get home to watch the X Factor. No longer does being the most drunk person in the room give you the label of life and soul of the party, and instead you are now that sad old man in the corner trying to work out what Tinie Tempah's lyrics actually mean.

And the hangovers - why didn't anyone tell you about the hangovers?! You go for a drink on Friday night, and you are lucky if you have recovered by Tuesday!

Like a fine wine, you start to mature and mellow as you get older; sometimes kicking and screaming, sometimes with a calm acceptance, and sometimes without choice. But one thing is for certain - the closer you get to 40, the more cynical you become about life.

These are my ramblings about my life as a 30-something man. If you don't like it, too bad!

Recent Rambles

8 JUNE 2013
The Argumentative Friend
We all have a mate who would argue the toss out of a coin! For some reason these people feel the need to make sure their opinion not only differs from everyone else, but that they also insist that they are right!

17 MARCH 2013
Nani's red card was real, dream cheating isn't!
Men have to apologise to women quite a lot. Sorry for leaving the toilet seat up, sorry for leaving my pants on the floor, sorry for stumbling in at 3am in the morning. Dream cheating is something we shouldn't have to say sorry for!

18 AUGUST 2012
When being a legend isn't a good thing
The word 'legend' is often used by men to express their appreciation of the actions of their fellow man. For example, David Hasselhoff is a legend for bringing us Baywatch. But when your friends call you a legend after a night out, be afraid. Be very afraid...!

13 JUNE 2012
How a phone can make you feel your age!
There are certain things that make you feel old. The aches and pains after a game of footy, seeing your friends have children, meeting people who were born in the 90s! But when something happens to make you feel old and you are not expecting it, that hurts the most! 

11 MAY 2012
Mum, please stop breast feeding me!
When I first saw the image on Time magazine of a child who was far too old to be suckling on his mothers teet, I couldn't help but laugh in amazement, and then think: "I think I'm going to have a bit of a rant about this." And so it it begins...

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